Men's Socks


Men's Socks

Our men's socks are made with alpaca wool, a type of wool specifically known for its exceptional properties. BellePaga offers you a wide choice of colours and sock patterns to suit every customer. Men's socks are available in different sizes and lengths.
An Alpaca lives at more than 4000m altitude in the Andes Mountains in South America, it's coat is composed of an extraordinary fiber that has many recognized natural virtues and is ideal for socks.

BellePaga offers you the opportunity to enjoy its wide collection of high-quality socks for women and men.



BellePaga men's socks are of superior quality and can be considered as luxury socks. Each sock is finished and checked by hand for an ideal finish.
Alpaca fiber is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, it does not pill, and wears out very slowly. It is therefore a perfect fiber for textiles that are subjected to severe tests such as socks.
Men's BellePaga socks remain in an ideal condition for several years.



Known for its insulating power, alpaca fiber is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. Alpaca wool is mainly appreciated for its thermoregulatory power.

BellePaga men's socks, although thin and elegant, will keep your feet warm.

Your feet will always be at the right temperature, protected from humidity and all forms of perspiration.

Their thermoregulatory properties will allow you to keep your feet warm in all circumstances, from September to June.
Thanks to their finesse, our men's socks will also be perfect to wear for people interested in skiing or hiking.



Our men's socks have been specially designed to give you a unique feeling of comfort and softness. When we compare alpaca wool to other wools, it is the only wool that remains soft and does not scratch. It is very comfortable to wear on the skin.
These socks are therefore pleasant to the touch, thin and elegant, and are considered as luxury socks. BellePaga offers you a fine product that will allow you to keep your feet warm and elegant. Thanks to the wide range of colours and patterns, these socks will perfectly match each of your clothes, and each of your shoes.
All our men's socks are hand-knitted, and thus have no seams to provide our customers with the ultimate comfort.



Our men's socks are made with a very thermoregulatory fiber, alpaca fiber. Our luxurious socks will allow your feet to breathe and optimally reduce perspiration and odours that may appear throughout the day.
In addition, we have a collection that also contains bamboo fiber, very well known for its absorbent properties and softness. No more excess moisture, especially from perspiration. Your feet can breathe and are in ideal comfort all day long. Bamboo fiber also offers natural protection against bacteria and reduces the appearance of odours.
Thanks to the thermoregulatory properties of our socks, your feet will be able to breathe and you will no longer have to worry about sweating. BellePaga men's socks are very good at wicking moisture away from the skin.



The comfort of our men's socks is our priority. To make it as high as possible, each of our men's socks made of alpaca wool is hand-knitted. This technique is exceptional and allows to be much more detailed and fine in the finishing than would a traditional machine with remeshing. This ensures that no more seams will be visible.
This will be perceived instantly. They will bring you remarkable comfort and you will not be able to do without them!



Thanks to the resistance of alpaca fiber, which is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, men's socks have a long life span. You can keep them for years without having any problems. They are easily machine washable in the wool program or in the soft program at 30 degrees with the rest of your laundry. Moreover, by comparing alpaca wool with sheep wool, alpaca wool does not pill as time goes on.

Finally, BellePaga uses natural shades directly from the animal's wool or mineral pigments that are much more resistant than chemical shades and much more environmentally friendly. The natural colours will not change with each wash.

Try these exceptional luxury socks now, and order them for women, and for men!
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