Warm men's socks

Coping with cold weather is often problematic. Finding the right pair of warm men's socks is important to have a pleasant day and to work in good conditions. We often look for warmth, comfort, softness and quality.

To address these issues, BellePaga offers warm men's socks that meet all of the above conditions and many more. We do not offer classic warm socks for men but available in different colors and patterns, all unique! The high quality of our products will make you feel less cold because as we know feet are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. After testing the alpaca socks, it will be difficult to find a new pair.

A good pair of warm men's socks will ensure you of an incredible comfort in your shoes. It will be difficult to change your pair of socks once you have found the one that suits you.

Warmest socks

The warm baby alpaca socks for men from BellePaga are the ones that will best meet your expectations. When we talk about baby alpaca wool, we are not talking about the shearing of the little ones but rather the softest and finest part of the adult. The thermoregulatory property of our warm men's socks allows to keep the heat while avoiding the perspiration which is a recurrent problem for the Man. In addition, the manufacture of our warm men's socks in baby alpaca gives them a hypoallergenic capacity, which means gentlemen that all your problems of irritations and dry skin will no longer surface.

Bellepaga offers premium quality warm socks for men that exceed your expectations. Indeed, our premium socks are warmer, more comfortable due to a higher percentage of alpaca than the classic ones and more durable thanks to the bamboo fibers that are added to them, in order to be responsible towards the environment by limiting the use of synthetic materials.

Favoring sustainable and responsible warm socks for men will solve all your problems.

Alpaca wool

Alpaca wool, also called "wool of the gods", faces all the problems encountered with other wools or other materials. It was known in ancient times as one of the most valuable materials in the eyes of the Incas. The alpaca lives mainly in South America, an animal characteristic of the Andes where the climatic conditions are difficult and to which it has adapted very well. Because of its habit to different climates, it has given its wool thermoregulatory properties and softer than other wools. It is also the only type of wool that does not pilling, which allows it to last much longer than other types of wool. Another great aspect of alpaca is that it does not contain lanolin, a chemical that some people are allergic to in sheep's wool.

Its unique fiber therefore gives our products a long life with the right conditions to feel good every day and have a great time.

Warm socks man home


Your warm men's socks allow you to move around at work in comfort and softness to spend a good day but also during your weekends of rest at home. This softness and lightness are there to put you in a cosy and cocooning atmosphere. BellePaga wishes to make you spend a pleasant moment and mark your spirit with its innovative products coming straight from Peru.

We often have plain socks. On a daily basis we can add colors and fantasy. Our BellePaga socks are authentic with patterns such as stripes, checks or polka dots. It is a typical accessory that allows us to make our outfit unique: at the beginning we don't know exactly with which clothes to match them, but very soon they become indispensable. The originality of our socks makes our outfits unique and different. Some patterns are easier to match than others. Polka dots or checks go well with most of your clothes. This original touch can have its limits: beware of funny socks that end up in the back of the closet. Everyday socks should be easy to match with your clothes!

Near a fireplace with a little book, put on your warm men's socks at home. Relaxation, comfort, softness, originality... what more could you ask for in order to rest and prepare for the week ahead.

Quality at the appointment


BellePaga's warm men's socks are above anyone's expectations thanks to the incredible powers that baby alpaca wool brings to our clothes. Warmth, comfort, longevity, softness, how not to find happiness when all these conditions are met in a pair of warm socks for men.

After having tested socks of a unique quality, it will be difficult for you to find a real comfort in others more classic. This unique feeling that baby alpaca gives you will make you travel through mountains and plateaus of Peru, place where all our clothes are produced.
Bellepaga wants to value the traditional Peruvian know-how which gives an authentic and lovingly made product.

The pairs of socks are fashion garments that are more and more valued and that give charm to your outfit. Flexibility, finesse and elegance will enhance your style. There is nothing better than trying on a pair of warm men's socks to discover the extraordinary world that is hidden in them.

Sustainable products


Bellepaga's warm men's socks are made on an environmental concept to make us as aware as possible. This incredible fiber that is the alpaca wool has a very low carbon footprint. Its treatment is much less polluting than other types of wool. Moreover, alpacas produce about 3 kg of wool unlike sheep which only produce 150 g, which is representative of a smaller workforce and fewer alpacas in breeding.

BellePaga ensures that all artisans, farmers and breeders can live in ideal conditions, and that they are properly remunerated. All these elements are representative of a sustainable and fair production while staying warm.

BellePaga is committed to offering you the best comfort with these warm men's socks for your feet. It will be impossible for you to change your pair once you have tested the baby alpaca socks which will become a real ecstasy when your feet slip into these exceptionally soft and warm high quality men's socks. Thanks to it, rediscover the pleasure of wearing any pair of shoes, even the least comfortable ones.

Advice for washing wool


These warm men's socks have a very long life with very simple maintenance. The strength of the alpaca fiber is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool and therefore resists very well to wear. This will avoid you to change them every week. Indeed, no more holes in the socks little resistant.

Concerning the maintenance of these warm socks, you can easily wash them in machine in wool program or at 30 degrees with the rest of your clothes. For a perfect maintenance you can use a good soft shampoo special alpaca wool available on our site made in collaboration with a laboratory specializing in the manufacture of products of maintenance and well-being. This laboratory has values linked to those that BellePaga wishes to convey such as zero waste, artisanal and 100% Belgian because all products are manufactured here in Belgium.

So try without further delay our warm men's socks in alpaca wool!

Who are we?

BellePaga is a young Brussels-based brand founded in 2015 by two friends. One of them having lived part of his childhood in Bolivia discovered the king animal of South America, the alpaca. The two of them decided to create BellePaga, a textile brand offering different products made from alpaca fiber straight from Peru in the Andes Mountains.
BellePaga offers a wide range of products for all tastes valuing different values such as respect for animals, sustainable production, eco-responsible, with an optimal quality!
The sock is the flagship product of our brand that only BellePaga offers with the help of our local producers who allow us to make and finish them by hand thanks to the traditional knowledge they have acquired from their predecessors.

In addition to socks, BellePaga offers other products such as sweaters, ponchos, cardigans, hats, gloves, plaids or quilts as well as care products to take care of your items.

Contact us for any additional information, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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