Plain socks

Plain colored socks 

Although sometimes considered as a simple necessity, nowadays, socks are becoming more and more a real fashion accessory. They can, indeed, dress a whole outfit and are not to be neglected. Patterned or plain, high or low, everyone can find his happiness.

Plain colored socks can brighten up an outfit without overdoing it, adding a little touch of color without falling into "too much". Be careful, it is important not to exceed 3 colors in your overall outfit in order to remain elegant while offering a visual pleasure. To do this, the color of your socks can be a discreet reminder of a color already used in your outfit, such as a tie, a hair accessory, a bag or a belt... It is also interesting to make mixtures of different colors, which blend well. Pink socks, for example, go well with blue or gray pants.

If you do not know what color to choose, you can opt for seasonal colors. In particular, bright colors are very often associated with summer or spring, darker colored socks are better suited to winter or fall. Pastel colors are very popular to add a color without being too flashy.
You can also wear plain socks in the same color as your pants, to lengthen the leg, or the same color as your shoes to stay traditional.

Although there are many sock uppers, some are more suited to your outfit. This is the case with socks for example, which are much more suitable for sneakers. Once again, you can opt for colorful socks to brighten up your outfits.

You will have understood, if you do not know how to add a touch of color in your outfits, opt for plain colored socks.

Plain colored socks

Plain socks by BellePaga

There is an infinite number of sock models. At BellePaga, we sell plain socks as well as patterned socks, short socks as well as high socks or mid-calf socks. We have a wide range of colors so that you can match the socks with all your clothes. In addition, our socks are very comfortable since they are all made from Baby Alpaca, which provides a unique softness. They are also seamless as they are hand-knit, which is rare and allows for more precise finishing which ensures that no seam will be noticeable. So you'll be comfortable in your socks all day long. At BellePaga, our socks are dyed with natural minerals, which are more resistant than chemical dyes, so you can keep your socks looking like new for years. Last but not least, it's much more environmentally friendly.

Plain colored socks

Rules for wearing plain socks

First of all, you should never wear white socks with a suit. Indeed, white socks were originally created for sports and are not at all chic. You can wear the same color as your pants or shoes to stay chic and elegant, or simply use a color already used in your outfit, on an accessory or clothing, to make it stand out.

Secondly, it's nicer to roll up your socks, rather than leaving them rolled up at the ankle. Plus, it's also much more comfortable and will keep you warm in freezing winters.

Finally, socks can be the fun element of your outfit. For this, opt for plain colored socks.

Plain socks

Plain socks for men and women

There are plain socks for both men and women. Thanks to their different heights, each person has the possibility to find his happiness. Our plain socks allow men and women to complement each other. We offer a wide range of colors to match your socks to all your outfits. Remember that your choice of socks can totally impact your style. Your socks are part of the elegance of your outfit.
All our socks are comfortable, thanks to the softness of the elastic, their thinness and the imperceptible seams.

Plain colored socks

Why is it important to wear socks?

Socks are important because they absorb moisture from sweat. Feet remain in a humid environment if they do not have the protection of socks. Moist environments promote the growth of fungus and can lead to foot infections. Calluses and blisters can also be caused by direct friction with shoes. To remedy this, BellePaga's socks are thermoregulatory and allow the skin to breathe and not to sweat while keeping your feet warm. Indeed, alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep wool. It is essential to wear clean socks every day.

Also, choose socks that make you want to wear them, such as plain colored socks.

On the other hand, if you want to show your ankles, choose socks, which are short socks that come below the ankle, and are thus less visible.

Plain socks

The differences between Baby Alpaca and Alpaca

Alpaca is one of the strongest fibers, stretchy and dimensionally stable. It is 4 times more resistant than sheep, so it does not pilling and is 7 times softer and warmer than sheep, while being both very light and flexible. It respects the most sensitive skins because it is hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool has unique thermal properties, it allows to be always at the right temperature, without sweating. Indeed, the alpaca living in the high mountains, needs a wool that keeps him warm but allows his skin to breathe. But then what is Baby Alpaca wool? Contrary to what one might think, this fiber does not necessarily come from a baby alpaca, but refers to the fineness of the fiber. Fibers between 18 and 22 microns will be called "Baby Alpaca". Thus, Baby Alpaca wool is considered one of the lightest and most luxurious fibers in the world. All BellePaga socks are made from Baby Alpaca wool.


Long lasting BellePaga socks

Being 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, alpaca wool gives our socks an incredible life span. Thus, they resist wear and tear and can be kept for years. In addition, alpaca does not pilling with each wash, unlike sheep's wool or cashmere. For solid color socks that don't fade, BellePaga uses mineral pigment dyes, which are more resistant than chemical dyes. In fact, natural colors do not fade over time, leaving a more vibrant color over time. As for their care, BellePaga socks can be washed by hand or in the machine on a wool program or at 30 degrees maximum with the rest of your clothes. However, to avoid losing a sock along the way, it is interesting to use washing nets.

Plain socks

BellePaga values

Humanity, nature and morality are the main concerns of BellePaga. Thus, BellePaga sells authentic, natural and quality products. The articles are ecological and the production is in the respect of the animal and uses the traditional know-how.
BellePaga takes care of the well-being of each worker. The articles are produced in specialized regions, by local producers who have a great traditional know-how. Dialogue, transparency and respect are the keys to our relationship. This is why we have traveled to the Andes of South America and to Provence to meet with them and to ensure fairness in our exchanges.

Moreover, we are very interested in the respect of the animal. Indeed, the alpaca fiber we use comes from their spring shearing. The farms we work with do not live in pens but in complete freedom in their natural habitat.

BellePaga is also an eco-responsible brand. Alpaca is an animal with a very low impact on the ecology. The articles are as natural as possible, ecologically packed. The breeders and artisans we work with for the alpaca items come from Peru and Bolivia and our lavender bags come from Provence in France. Thus, our items are handmade or hand finished.

At BellePaga, the high quality of the articles is a priority, we carefully select each supplier as well as each article, so that the customers are completely satisfied.