Cosy bed socks

There are endless reasons why you should start buying cosy bed socks. Bed socks are comfortable, warm and soft socks that you wear in the inside. You wear them when you want to be comfy and feel safe in your socks. Whether you wear them when you are watching a movie, knitting by the fire or sleeping, cosy bed socks are the socks for you.

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What is an alpaca?

At BellePaga, our cosy bed socks are made out of alpaca wool. An alpaca is an animal that is the cousin of the llama. He is from the family of the camelids. Despite their similar appearance, alpacas and llamas are very different. An alpaca is smaller and has pointier ears, it has hair on the top of its head unlike a llama. It is also less strong and has a different temper. An alpaca is much calmer and shyer than a llama. It does not like crowds and will never attack a human without any valid reason.

An alpaca is a very silent animal, it moves very graciously and does not make any noise. As time goes by, alpacas are more and more recognized for their therapeutical effect on people. They are very calm and their company is appreciated even by the most sensitive people. As time goes by, more and more people are curious to know more about the particular animals that are alpacas. That is why, recently, more and more alpaca farms have emerged in Europe and all over the world. There, you can find many activities to do. Most of the farms offer visits, where you will be able to visit the farm and learn more about the curious animals that are the alpacas.

Some farms also offer alpaca walks, where you can take a walk in the countryside with an alpaca by your side and learn more about the friendly camelid that will keep you company. Some farms also offer accommodation near the farm, in order for you to live the full experience of meeting alpacas. Finally, some farms offer to organize special events with alpacas like birthdays, hen parties, work parties and even weddings. You will be able to find more information about these events on our website. At BellePaga we created a platform that lists alpaca farms all around Europe. This platform will allow you to easily find the nearest alpaca farm near you.

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Cosy socks

At BellePaga, our cosy bed socks are made out of alpaca wool. Alpaca wool has many virtues that are still not known to everyone today. First of all, alpaca wool is extremely warm. It is seven times warmer that sheep’s wool and will maintain your feet also comfortable and warm. Alpaca wool is also thermoregulatory. That means that it will adapt to the temperature of your body. It will keep your feet warm when they are cold but never make you sweat when you are wearing your cosy bed socks. This is possible because in the Andes Mountains, an alpaca can go through temperature variation of around 40 degrees during the same day! To adapt to these variations, alpacas have developed a coat that is thermoregulatory.

The alpaca coat is also extremely soft, it is often compared to cashmere but without all the inconvenience of maintenance. Alpaca wool is also very soft, this is a property that is very surprising at the beginning because you cannot imagine how such a lightweight f abric can keep you so warm. Alpaca wool is also durable. It is a long-lasting fabric that will allow you to wear the same pair of cosy bed socks for many years. It also does not pill, unlike many other wools. Alpaca is also hypoallergenic, because it does not contain lanoline and isn’t treated, it can be worn next to the skin by even the most sensitive skins.

Finally, alpaca wool is very ecological. An alpaca is an animal that has a very low ecological footprint. For example, it does not consume a lot on a daily basis, it also does not pull the root of the grass it eats but cuts it, which makes it easier to grow back and it does not squash the grass underneath him as it does not have paws it has nails with little cushions. All these properties: durable, warm, soft, lightweight, comfortable, ecological, … will make your cosy bed socks made out of alpaca wool the best socks you will have ever tried.

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Cashmere bed socks

Alpaca is often compared to cashmere but is considered to becoming the new cashmere. It has all the advantages of cashmere (warm, soft, quality…) without all the disadvantages (precious, pills, shrinking…). That is why at BellePaga, we have chosen to use only alpaca wool. There are two main types of alpaca wool, normal alpaca wool and Baby alpaca wool. Unlike what most people believe, Baby alpaca wool does not come from a small alpaca. It actually comes from the first shearing of an alpaca. Baby alpaca is a much warmer, softer and thinner wool than other. It is very rare and of the highest quality.

At BellePaga, we have chosen to use almost only Baby alpaca wool in order to offer the best quality products to our customers. Our range of socks is very large. We offer two main line of cosy bed socks. We first of all have the premium line, with different models made out of 55% Baby alpaca wool. That means that these socks are extremely warm and soft. Our premium socks also contain bamboo fiber. This fiber allows your socks to be very breathable and prevent moisture, sweat and odors. Our premium socks are of exceptional quality, softness and warmth and are available in classic sizes and colors (grey, black and many more). Our other line of socks are the classic socks.

There are multiple models in this line of socks. You can find socks of every length (ankle socks, classic, calf and knee length), every size (going from a 12 junior to a 5 in a UK measure). You will also be able to find many different patterns: plain, dotted, checked, stripped, leopard and many more to come. There are also many various colors, going from simple and classic colors such as beige, black, white and grey but also more uncommon colors like pink, red and many more. You will definitely find the perfect pair of alpaca cosy bed socks for you.

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Wool bed socks

Now that you want to purchase a pair of alpaca cosy bed socks, you need to get some more information about how to take care of them. It is actually quite simple. To clean your socks, you can either choose to wash them by hand or if you want to wash them through the washing machine, you can put them in your washing machine turned around and wash them through a wool program or at 30 degrees maximum. You can also choose to use a shampoo specially made for wool or use a spray that will refresh the fabric. These accessories can be purchased on our website in the Home & Decoration section in Maintenance Products.

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BellePaga tips & tricks

In this section, we are going to talk about a tip that the BellePaga team has learned about recently. We have recently learned that some scientist believe it is important to sleep with you socks on. It is said to increase your sleep time of around 32 minutes. Other scientists believe it would be interesting to sleep without socks on but to have worn socks one hour before going to bed. The aim is to reduce the time where your feet are cold and to use breathable socks that will allow your body to adapt to the temperature. So do not hesitate any longer and try our BellePaga cosy bed socks!

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BellePaga is a Belgium brand created in 2015 by two friends: Arnaud, who grew up in Bolivia and Guillaume a fan of Digital Marketing. Then met during university in Belgium and together, decided to create the BellePaga project that would offer quality alpaca products to customers all around Europe. Our alpacas live in Peru freely without any constraints. They are then sheared once a month during the month of May. The wool is then collected and sorted between the different types of wool. The wool is then spun by local craftsmen and is then transformed into our BellePaga products. Our products are produces or finished by hand by Peruvians craftsmen paid fairly. Finally, our products are shipped back to Belgium where they were designed. At BellePaga we value quality, transparency and animal care. Our range is composed of socks but also scarves, jumpers, cardigans, ponchos, gloves, hats, plushes and many more items all made out of alpaca wool. Do not hesitate to have a look at our website to see the different alpaca products we offer!