women's knitted cardigan

knitted cardigan

Fall is fast approaching and that means the return of women's knit cardigans. The perfect piece for those unsettled weather days.

Every year it's the same challenge: to find a knitted cardigan for women that will keep us warm but not too hot, and above all that will not scratch.

At Bellepaga, we've looked into the problem and found the perfect solution. Women's knitted vests made from Peruvian alpaca wool! Their wool, also known as the "wool of the gods" is warm, breathable and super soft. Alpaca wool is also known for its longevity, which will allow you to keep your vest for many years to come. Try it and you'll love it.

Our women's knitted vests are eco-friendly, non-toxic and of impeccable quality.

Alpaca wool


Alpaca is particularly known for its wool. Indeed, alpaca wool is of excellent quality and very soft. Their wool grows continuously, and the alpacas are shaved once a year, around May. Another remarkable characteristic of alpaca wool is that a palette of coat colors exists naturally. There are in fact 22 different colors of wool, so there is something for everyone. Ecologically speaking, this is also interesting since this diversity allows to avoid, or at least reduce, the use of chemical dyes or bleaching agents commonly used in the textile industry. Our women's knitted vests are therefore of natural origin and non-toxic.

Being recognized as one of the most beautiful wools in the world, alpaca wool is not only soft, but it is also light, making it comfortable to wear. This wool also has thermoregulatory properties that allow your skin to breathe and ensure you don't sweat. This fiber is 7 times warmer than sheep. Its insulating power was noticed by NASA at the beginning of the space conquest: alpaca wool was chosen for the astronauts' clothes. All these qualities are the reasons why we, at Bellepaga, have decided to use this wool for the creation of our knitted vests for women.

Finally, alpaca wool is ecological. In addition to a low need of resources, the alpaca is an animal that does not destroy the pastures with its feet thanks to the cushions present on them. When it feeds, it does not pull out the root of the grass, so it is easier to grow back. On the other hand, the cashmere goat, by its hooves, destroys the land on which it is found and pulls out the roots of the plants it feeds on. It is therefore necessary to constantly move it to other lands. The ecological footprint of an alpaca is therefore low and the resistance of its wool (4 times more resistant than sheep's wool) makes it durable, with a lifespan of several years. Our knitted vests for women are therefore also eco-responsible

Our knitted vests for women

long cardigan for women

The vest has always been present in our lives, everyone had at least one in their childhood. Indeed, the vest is a true must-have and also a true timeless. It will not disappear so soon. A question that often comes up is how to properly wear a vest?
Many women say that a vest doesn't look very dressy, but they are wrong. It all depends on how well you match your women's knit cardigan to your outfit and style. A woman's knitted cardigan can be worn at home for the comfort and the "comfy" feeling it brings and indeed, in this context it will not look very dressy. But on the other hand if it is well accessorized, the knitted cardigan can be a real plus to your outfit. Take for example a short silk dress, the idea of the outfit is very nice, but even in summer it will be too cold for the evening. Add a nice knitted cardigan and a nice pair of boots and you're done! Indeed, you can wear your vest in cosy mode at home and also in a dressy way, but it can also be worn in a more casual way as over jeans with a nice blouse for example. Whether you're a business woman or a teacher, this vest is for you! It's chic and casual look goes with everything you wear and will create a great outfit.

Bellepaga tip

Alpaga sweaters

For today's little tip, we suggest you discover two tips to remedy the itchy sweater.

Today, we offer you 2 tips that will help you stop suffering from itchy jumpers. There is nothing more annoying than wearing an itchy jumper for a whole day. An itchy jumper is also more likely to be confined to a wardrobe without ever seeing the light of day. The itchiness of wool jumpers can sometimes even lead to red patches. In this section, we offer you solutions to avoid ending up with an itchy jumper that will make your life miserable.  1. put your jumper in the freezer. This advice sounds strange when you first hear it, but it actually makes a lot of sense. People often say to wash jumpers in cold water if they are itchy and scratchy. For our tip, the idea is to keep the wool at a very low temperature in the fridge. This is because as the jumper cools, the knitwear tightens, which will make the wool softer and prevent itching, making your life more comfortable. 2. Use fabric softener when washing your jumper. However, choose a natural or homemade fabric softener rather than an industrial one, which can damage your jumper. Using a natural fabric softener, such as glycerine for example, will make your jumper softer and more comfortable to wear. To make sure that your jumper never feels scratchy, it is also an option to choose a softer wool, such as alpaca wool. This fibre is indeed well known for its exceptional virtues: soft, warm, thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, light, resistant and does not pilling. This fibre is a good alternative to the itchy jumper effect, thanks to its hypoallergenic properties which minimise the risk of allergies and itching. 

Our selection of women's knitted cardigans are available here. At BellePaga, we also offer products to care for your alpaca wool and other delicate wools. These products combine extracts of cedar, keratin, and a sulfate-free shampoo to clean and protect the natural elements of these fibers. The cedar-based fragrance offers additional protection to your clothes and also serves as a mothballing accessory. Let yourself be tempted by our cleaning products.

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