Warmest socks

Do you often have cold feet or are you looking for socks for your ski holidays? BellePaga has the warmest socks for you. And how is this possible? Because these socks combine three highly insulating fibres: alpaca wool, bamboo fibre and Pima cotton. Indeed, any warm garment is a garment that insulates from the cold and not that produces heat. Among the warmest materials, animal wools win the prize for the most insulating.

Discover the virtues of the components of our warmest socks. We also show you that the thickness of these socks has no relation to better insulation.

Alpaca socks

chaussettes chaudes alpaga

First of all, the alpaca wool that makes up the majority of our socks is a wool with many virtues. It is seven times warmer than sheep's wool due to its insulating properties and will keep your feet at a perfect temperature. This is due to the fact that the fibre structure is hollow and contains insulating air pockets.

Secondly, it is thermoregulating. So our warmest socks will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has breathable properties to prevent moisture build-up and odour from perspiration. The overall health of your feet will therefore be greatly improved.

Lightweight and with a thickness of between 12 and 30 microns, it is very soft and pleasant to wear, even in direct contact with the skin. Hypoallergenic, it will not cause you reactions such as itching, irritation and redness. This is due to the absence of lanolin in this wool.

Alpaca wool is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool and has a long life span of several years. Indeed, it hardly pills and is quite stretchy. With proper care, you can keep your warmest socks looking like new. A machine wash at 30 degrees is all that is needed, using ordinary soap or a shampoo for delicate wools. However, space these out and air dry flat rather than dryer dry.

The patterns and colours of our warmest socks are timeless, making them timeless.

Alpaca wool is also the most environmentally friendly wool. It comes from an animal with a very low ecological footprint, emitting very little greenhouse gas. Alpacas do not damage the land on which they live, nor do they uproot the plants they feed on, allowing them to grow back more quickly. Its need for natural resources is minimal and its waste is used as fertiliser. Finally, the alpaca's fleece has more than 20 natural colours, officially varying between white, black, brown and beige. This means that no chemical transformations are required for the dyes, which is environmentally friendly and ensures that your socks do not fade over time.

For all these reasons, alpaca wool has already travelled to the moon. Indeed, it was used by NASA to make up the astronauts' clothing during the Apollo 11 mission. Moreover, this wool is also fireproof.

Alpaca wool is measured in 5 categories according to the diameter of the fibre:



- 18 microns

Royal baby Alpaga

18 à 22 microns

Baby Alpaga

22,1 à 26,9 microns

Fine Alpaga

27 à 29,9 microns

Medium Alpaga

+ 18 microns

Strong Alpaga

For our warmest socks, we decided to make them with baby alpaca, the finest and silkiest fibre of alpaca wool, also called "Wool of the Gods". During the Inca period, it was considered more luxurious than gold and was only reserved for royalty. Today, BellePaga makes this fibre with its many virtues available to you.

Warm materials

chaussettes chaudes

Bamboo fibre and Pima cotton are combined with the properties of alpaca wool to enhance the benefits of the warmest socks.

Pima cotton is a rare and noble cotton that accounts for only 3% of the world's cotton production. Unlike conventional cotton, which promotes perspiration and unpleasant odours, Pima cotton fibre is highly absorbent and breathable and prevents the accumulation of moisture. Like alpaca wool, it also has hypoallergenic and insulating properties. Finer and considered the finest cotton in the world, its softness and suppleness will give you an incredibly comfortable experience. Its resistance will increase the life of the socks. Mainly harvested in Peru, cotton flowers require careful hand harvesting and are not resistant to chemicals, so the dyes used are natural.

Bamboo fibre, also known as "plant cashmere", will provide natural softness and is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Its antibacterial properties prevent the build-up of bacteria in your socks and its microporous structure makes it breathable and eliminates bad odours. Bamboo fibre is 4 times more absorbent than cotton!

Finally, this fibre is ecological and environmentally friendly. As bamboo is a fast growing and spreading plant, the use of chemicals and intense irrigation is unnecessary. The production of the fibre is done by processes that do not contain chemical additives. In addition, bamboo releases more oxygen than other plants and absorbs more carbon dioxide, so a bamboo plantation is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint and combat global warming. It also contributes to soil conservation by reducing rainfall runoff. Finally, bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

Warm socks

chaussettes chaudes

BellePaga's warmest socks are created with respect for the animal, the artisans and their working conditions, their skills and the environment.

Alpacas live in freedom in their natural habitat, at an altitude of 4,000 metres, in the high mountains of Peru. The king animal of the country, it represents the livelihood of the Peruvians and is treated as well as we humans are. Its wool is shorn in the spring, once a year, so as not to affect its survival in the more extreme seasons.

The wool is then taken to our partner artisans who will make our warmest socks and other items with traditional craftsmanship. Each sock is hand-finished and re-sewn so that the seams are imperceptible to give you more comfort and quality. In addition, the elasticity and thinness of our warmest socks will allow you to feel comfortable without compressing your feet.

We offer two types of socks: Classic and Premium.

The Classic socks are made of 70% Pima cotton and 20% baby alpaca while the Premium socks are mainly made of baby alpaca (55%) and bamboo fibre. The combination of these materials reinforces the qualities of comfort, softness, warmth, thermoregulation,... in order to offer you warm socks of unequalled quality while being made of ecological materials.

The maintenance of our warmest socks is very simple, you can put them in the washing machine at 30 degrees, with your other clothes. Avoid the dryer to avoid overstressing the fibre and to keep them intact for several years.
BellePaga offers a wide range of warm socks in various patterns, colours and lengths. These socks are exceptionally elegant and comfortable and will fit your feet perfectly and brighten up your outfit. It's up to you to decide whether your socks will be the eccentric touch or in the same colours as your clothes! Easily adaptable, BellePaga's hottest socks fit every style! Sizes start at 35 and go up to 46. Our models are timeless and classic and fit both women and men.

Pamper your feet with BellePaga and keep them warm all year round with our quality socks made of baby alpaca fibre, Pima cotton and bamboo fibre!

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