Warm scarf

The neck is an area that is extremely sensitive to the cold and needs to be well protected by a warm scarf when temperatures are low or when it is windy. A scarf is easily warm, however, alpaca wool scarves are warm but also soft, comfortable, light, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating. The contact of this wool with the skin is pleasant and adapted to the most sensitive skins. Experience this wool and discover all its advantages!

The advantages of a warm scarf

Wearing a scarf has become a winter essential. If we have to define the accessory in which we invest every winter, it is without question the scarf. BellePaga warm scarves for men or women are at the forefront of fashion, because of their wool, they offer softness, warmth and certify an unequalled comfort. Indeed, there are different ways to wear them, as well as different materials. In our range we offer traditional colored or patterned scarves. If you are looking for a big knitted scarf to keep you warm or a thinner, more elegant and long scarf, you can find what you need at BellePaga. We offer a variety of patterns and colors for our warm scarves to ensure a trendy look.

BellePaga's warm alpaca wool scarves have a timeless charm and are perfect for the colder seasons. Wrap them around your neck to complement your favorite casual outfits or to complement your elegant attire on cooler evenings. To enhance a look, brighten up an outfit or simply wrap yourself in a cocoon of softness, BellePaga scarves are an absolute must.

Thanks to their large size and their virtues, Alpaca wool scarves are ideal to spend the harshest days of winter warm. Our scarves will be your favorite winter accessory! Large and slightly stretchy, they can be worn as a scarf or a stole. Half scarf, half stole, BellePaga scarves adapt to all your desires! You can match them with all your outfits and for all occasions.

Wake up your outfit with light and chic! Add a little color to your outfit with our beautiful alpaca wool scarves. Several colors are available in our store, there is something for everyone. Our Alpaca wool scarves are a cocoon of softness and happiness. Their soft and trendy style will brighten up your winter outfits.

Alpaca wool scarf : the virtues

The warm alpaca wool scarves are made of alpaca fiber as well as baby alpaca fiber, the finest fiber of the animal. It is not usually from young Alpacas, but from the first shearing of the adult animal. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, it keeps your neck warm while allowing it to breathe, thus avoiding perspiration. There are 2 categories in Alpaca fiber, Alpaca fiber and Baby Alpaca fiber. The latter is finer (maximum 23 microns against 29 microns) and as silky as silk. Its softness is incomparable. Baby Alpaca fiber is rare and is considered the softest and most prestigious natural fiber in the world. Baby Alpaca is a premium fiber, which we have selected for you in most of the items in our store so that you too can enjoy it.
Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, an irritating substance found in various wools. It can therefore be worn next to the skin, ideal for people with allergies. Its hypoallergenic virtues are one of the properties that characterize our wool.

Another great characteristic of our wool is its thermoregulation. Indeed, the classic Alpaca breeders cannot offer you this quality of material knowing that their animals are not confronted with the same living conditions. Therefore, their fiber does not need to adapt to important temperature variations. The wool made from their hair will be much less efficient in terms of thermoregulation than ours. Our guarantee of quality is verified at every stage of the process. Our products are unique and finished, even handmade.

Alpaca wool is also very resistant, and it almost never pills. Thanks to this, your Alpaca accessories and clothing will last longer, allowing you to keep them longer. Don't worry, our products are timeless!

Finally, our Alpaca wool scarves are made in accordance with BellePaga's core values of being locally made: Our items are made exclusively in Peru, where our Alpacas live in their natural habitat.
Our Alpaca scarves are made by Peruvian craftsmen with an ancestral know-how that is unmatched until now. They are elegant and can be perfectly matched with all your clothes. Silky, soft and warm, our scarves will accompany you all winter long as well as during the coolest spring evenings. With proper care, you will keep your scarf for many years.

We design our items with unparalleled quality. Indeed, we take care of perfectionism as well in the finishing of our products, which are made by hand, as in the quality of the materials used. The respect of animals and the environment is also our priority. We have chosen to work with Alpaca not only for its many virtues, but also because it is a "wool" animal (it is also called "hair" in Alpaca!) The most eco-responsible. If we compare it to the sheep, you will see that the Alpaca does not tear off the grass while grazing but it cuts it. This allows for rapid regrowth of the grass, in addition to the fact that it does not damage the pasture with its two claws, where the sheep has hooves.

Maintenance of a warm alpaca wool scarf

The first essential element in caring for an Alpaca wool scarf and keeping it in perfect condition is the choice of a good, gentle shampoo, with the smallest possible amount of detergent. Too often people neglect this essential element and are disappointed with the result after washing despite many other precautions taken. There are many different types of natural products available that are suitable for all types of delicate wools.

Although Alpaca wool is extremely resistant and behaves much better than all other wools after machine washing, BellePaga recommends it only for socks (at 30 degrees). We recommend dry cleaning or hand washing your scarf in lukewarm water (between 10 and 20 degrees), with a mild shampoo.

It is important to keep a constant temperature between 10 and 20 degrees when washing your Alpaca wool scarf, as temperature variations tend to felt the Alpaca wool.

If you wash your Alpaca scarf by hand, just let the water run while you wash and rinse to keep the same temperature. Do not wring out or twist your scarf after washing: simply and gently squeeze out the excess water will do the trick!

As a reminder, alpaca wool is known not to retain odors and dust. From time to time, you can place your scarf on a flat surface, put it on a clean towel and let it air dry. Simply airing it out will give it a refreshing boost and save you unnecessary cold or machine washing.

It is simply recommended to wash your wool scarf at the end of the season to protect it from dust mites that could settle in these natural fibers.

Drying: Under no circumstances should your Alpaca wool scarf be put in the dryer! As said at the beginning, it is interesting to place your wool scarf on a towel, so it absorbs excess water and your scarf dries faster.
It is better to air dry and lay flat to avoid stretching the fibers.

Ironing: It is true that alpaca wool is known for its ability not to wrinkle, so ironing is not necessary.

However, if the occasion arises, prefer to turn your scarf inside out. Simply place a cloth between the iron and your scarf to avoid damaging it and set the iron to a low temperature, without steam, to get a smooth effect without damaging your Alpaca scarf. Our only recommendation is to wash your scarf separately or with identical colors. Note that to fix the colors, you just have to soak your scarf in water with more or less 20% white vinegar.

To keep your fibers looking like new as long as possible, there is a trick. Put your new knitwear in the refrigerator for at least 48 hours. The cold will allow the fibers to tighten and become stronger. You can then do your laundry without worrying about fiber breakage and pilling. Thanks to the thermal shock! This cold treatment also repels moths, which can nibble on your wool clothes. As another solution, you can also place lavender sachets in your wardrobes to scare them away because moths are very reluctant to the smell of this plant.

Feel free to discover the virtues of Alpaca wool in our collection of warm scarves, socks, slippers, hats, gloves, ponchos and sweaters for women and men.