Winter socks

The comfort and warmth of your feet is the focus of our attention.

BellePaga winter socks are thin, exceptionally warm and comfortable. They are ideal for winter!

Indeed, our socks for the coldest seasons are made of the natural fibre considered the warmest, softest, most breathable and resistant: Alpaca wool. It is the best natural fibre for winter socks.

Alpaca is an animal living at over 4000m altitude in the Andes Mountains of South America and produces an exceptional fiber with many recognized natural virtues.

BellePaga makes you benefit from it thanks to its large collection of winter socks. They are fine, high quality and available for women as well as men.

Winter socks for cold feet

Our winter socks are warm and ideal to remedy the problem of cold feet. Indeed, Alpaca wool is known for its exceptional warmth which is 7 times superior to sheep's wool. It also has the property of allowing the feet to breathe, strongly eliminating moisture due to perspiration. These socks have thermal insulation properties, to keep your feet at the right temperature at all times.

This wool was also used by NASA for astronauts' clothing and accessories after many years of research. It is therefore internationally recognized for its thermal, breathable and longevity properties.

Our Alpaca wool winter socks keep your feet warm and breathable. You'll be done with the discomfort of cold feet.

If you are a skier or hiker, thanks to their fineness, these socks will be ideal to wear under your usual thick socks.


Our warm Alpaca wool socks are of very high quality.

Indeed, we carefully select the wool coming from Alpacas living in their natural environment at more than 4000 meters of altitude, in Peru.

The production is done directly on the spot, in a workshop by craftsmen with great know-how. Each pair of socks is finalized and checked by hand for a perfect finish and comfort.

Finally, the Alpaca fiber is very resistant and allows BellePaga socks to last a long time. It is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, hardly any pilling and wears very slowly. It is the ideal fibre for textiles that are subjected to the same harsh conditions as socks.

These warm socks remain in their original condition for many years, even after multiple washes.

Softness and Comfort

The comfort of our socks is our priority. To ensure this, each BellePaga Alpaca Wool sock is hand-knitted. This technique is rare and allows a precision and finish far superior to that of a machine. Thanks to this, no stitching remains perceptible and comfort is guaranteed!

These socks are specially designed to give you a unique feeling of comfort, softness and warmth. Indeed, Alpaca is very soft and its wool does not sting, unlike other wools. It is very pleasant to wear next to the skin.

In addition, the natural elasticity and fineness of our socks allow you not to compress your feet when putting on your shoes, unlike usual socks. This fineness is very important for the comfort of your feet.

These Alpaca socks are exceptionally comfortable!

Healthy feet - Reduction of perspiration and odours

BellePaga warm socks are excellent for the health of your feet.

In addition to being warm, they allow your feet to breathe and greatly reduce perspiration and odours.

The Alpaca fibre is thermo-regulating and lets your feet breathe. BellePaga socks therefore let moisture wick away from the skin very well. Our socks greatly reduce the formation of fungus and improve the general health of your feet.

In addition, we have a collection of warm socks with bamboo fibre, which is known for its natural absorbent and anti-bacterial properties. No more dampness, and no more bacteria and fungus development due to perspiration.

With BellePaga warm socks, your feet breathe better, stay dry and stay healthier!

Natural and ecological socks

The Alpaca fiber used for our warm socks is natural and 100% environmentally friendly, as well as animal friendly.

Alpacas have a zero ecological impact and are environmentally friendly.
Firstly, we select for our socks Alpacas living in their natural environment, without enclosures, in the high plains of Peru.

Secondly, these animals have paw pads that allow them to respect the ground on which they walk, unlike Kashmiri goats, for example, which plough the land with their hooves.

Moreover, to feed itself, the Alpaca cuts off part of the plant it eats without uprooting it. It is not very greedy, the Alpaca only eats what it needs. After the passage of the animal, the plant grows back easily and quickly.

Lately, the alpaca fibre used in our warm socks is the only wool that does not contain lanolin. This avoids, as with other wools, soaking the raw wool in chemical basins to remove the lanolin before making yarn.

Finally, our warm socks are produced in a short circuit, where the raw material is harvested. This avoids having to travel to different points on the globe for the various stages of creation. At BellePaga, the entire process takes place in Peru.

Maintenance - Easy to wash

Thanks to the fantastic resistance of Alpaca fibre (4 times more than sheep's wool), our socks are very resistant to wear and tear and have a long lifespan. You can keep them for years without any problem and they can be easily machine washed in the wool programme or at 30 degrees with the rest of your clothes. Moreover, Alpaca hardly pilling up when washed, unlike sheep's wool.

Finally, BellePaga uses natural dyes derived directly from the animal's wool or mineral pigments which are much more resistant than chemical dyes, and much more environmentally friendly. The natural colours do not change with washing.

Try on these exceptional socks now and discover them for women and men!

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