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Are you looking for soft, pleasant and comfortable socks ?

BellePaga is a Belgian start-up that offers clothing and accessories for men, women and home made of alpaca wool. The production of BellePaga items is done with the greatest respect for the animal and with a solemn traditional know-how. Considered as a king animal, the properties of alpaca wool are rare and precious, to test it is to adopt it.

We offer a range of socks of unmatched softness. For men or women, we offer soft socks that will surprise you: thermoregulation, warmth, comfort, softness and longevity guaranteed!

Discover how alpaca wool makes these socks so soft !

Why choose alpaca wool ?

The textile fiber given by the alpaca comes from the wool and fabric produced with the hair of this animal. Alpaca wool is a naturally luxurious fiber, so the products made with this wool are of a very high quality.

The main characteristics of this wool are its softness, warmth, resistance, lightness but above all its insulating, thermal and thermoregulatory power. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic which is interesting for the most sensitive skins.

Alpaca is also a luxury fiber to knit, this wool is extremely soft for the knitting yarn. We regularly use the term Baby Alpaca. Indeed, it is not the baby of the alpaca as one might think. Baby Alpaca is actually a designation used to classify different fibers in terms of micron (thickness of the fiber). This comes from the adult animal having a very fine fleece. As the animal ages, its fleece is bound to lose its fineness. This is why the fleece of young alpacas, called "baby alpaca", is softer. This wool is considered the top of the line yarn for knitting. There are 22 different color endings in alpacas. How is the wool produced? Every year, the alpaca is shorn. Often in the spring season, about 2.5 kg are harvested per animal. The hair is sorted, washed and then spun.

BellePaga is above all a brand that respects what nature offers. BellePaga opts for an eco-responsible fashion with products made of Alpaca wool. Our products are of an unequalled quality. That's why we work with qualified people to assure you this quality and to offer you the best service.

Alpaca wool, also known as the wool of the gods, has exceptional virtues and is still little known at the moment. However, this wool, which has many benefits, is very precious for people who are sensitive to cold. Our brand achieves a perfect balance between comfort, warmth and elegance. A modern and trendy style that perfectly combines nature and the city. Our brand, corresponds to a strong value and is closely linked to nature, fair trade and sustainable development. The alpaca, which is the cousin of the llama, lives on the highest plateau of the Andes, in South America, at an altitude of over 4000 meters. The wool it produces is the most delicate and silky wool in the world and has many positive points. Indeed, it is very comfortable because of its softness, its lightness and its incomparable warmth.

We advocate ethical and ecological production as well as the know-how of our producers, the respect of the animal and the fair payment of the craftsmen who work for our brand. Indeed, we have our socks and the rest of our products produced in specialized regions, by local producers who have a great traditional know-how and who respect their animals.

Indeed, the alpacas are raised in their natural habitat located in the Andes Mountains, at an altitude of over 4000 meters. Their fiber comes from spring shearing. We are ecologically committed, since alpacas have a very low impact on the ecology. In a world like today, we must be concerned about what we consume, it is more than necessary to find a healthy balance.

Today, thanks to BellePaga, the qualities of this magnificent natural fiber are revealed through their collections of elegant clothing and accessories that allow you to enjoy its different virtues through your clothes and accessories.

How to choose alpaca wool socks ?

Here are several tips for choosing your soft alpaca wool socks !

1. The choice of the material is very important
The quality of soft socks depends above all on the material. Alpaca fiber for socks is a great alternative! For its extremely soft side, more than any other material and also for its durability and comfort. This fiber brings softness, warmth, elasticity and strength to your feet. That's why this material is the best choice for your feet.

2. The weave ensures the quality of your soft socks
It is best to choose a hand woven sock. Our BellePaga socks are hand-knit for an imperceptible finish. Under the expert fingers of the producers, each stitch is darned to ensure absolute comfort. BellePaga's priority is to offer its customers absolute comfort. In order to ensure that this comfort is optimal, each of our soft Alpaca wool socks is hand-knit. This technique allows us to be in the detail and in the finishing. This ensures that not a single seam is visible, giving you all the comfort and softness you need. Let yourself be surprised by the softness and quality of our socks!

3. Essential elements for optimum comfort and softness
The pairs of soft socks we offer in our collection have imperceptible seams. This is essential for comfort when wearing a pair of soft socks. This second-skin appearance offers the possibility to avoid discomfort in shoes and to gently protect your feet. For people with sensitive feet, seamless socks are also recommended. Indeed, they compress less than traditional socks.
The tightest parts of the feet are the heels and toes. In these two areas, traditional socks are the most worn.

Alpaca wool socks are comfortable, soft and durable socks that you can wear for years without noticing any wear. The careful design of our very soft socks gives you a unique feeling of comfort and softness. Indeed, alpaca wool is very soft and does not sting the skin like other wools.

These soft alpaca wool socks remain thin and elegant, while providing ideal warmth in all situations. Indeed, the thermal regulation capacity of alpaca hair allows us to maintain the thinness in the thickness of the sock, while providing the necessary warmth to the feet and legs even in very cold weather. These socks bring warmth to your feet, which will surprise you and are perfect to wear from September to June. Your legs are always at the right temperature, your feet are dry and do not sweat. The particularity of alpaca wool lies in its insulating power 7 times higher than that of sheep's wool, and its unequalled softness which is close to cashmere wool. Therefore, this type of wool has a good temperature regulation performance and can better protect you from the cold without making you sweat. It is also very light, pleasant to wear and respects the most sensitive skins. It is the ideal wool for winter, hiking, winter sports and other occasions. Alpaca wool has a high resistance and does not pilling. In addition, the maintenance of this wool can be done in washing machine. It can extend the life of clothes and accessories. If you pay attention, you can keep the alpaca clothes in good condition for a long time.

How to care for alpaca wool socks ?

The maintenance of the soft socks is very easy.

You just need to wash your BellePaga soft socks with a washing machine program at 30 degrees. We guarantee that the natural color will not change with washing. 3 rules to remember when caring for your socks: Care of alpaca wool socks is very important to maintain their quality and durability.

- Always wash them inside out at 30 degrees in a washing machine
- Dry them in the open air
- Store them flat and do not iron them!

At BellePaga, discover the fabulous experience of wearing our wool right on your body and feet, for optimal comfort.

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