Alpaca products

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Nowadays, if you are looking for quality winter clothing and accessories that are comfortable, soft, lime, fair trade and environmentally friendly. BellePaga is the place to go. Our products are all made from the most prestigious fibre called "Baby Alpaca". Indeed, the alpaca produces a fibre whose fineness (15 to 25 microns) is extremely soft and brings to your alpaca products an incomparable quality. We have developed a wide range of alpaca products, such as socks which are the warmest and most natural, fine and so soft jumpers, hats and scarves of unbelievable comfort, gloves to bring warmth and softness to your hands, plaids and quilts to spend cozy and warm nights as well as slippers to be cocooned at home and even balls of wool for those who love knitting. For the care of your alpaca products we have developed wool care products to help you keep the quality of your clothes. With cold winters like we have, you need clothes that hold up and keep your body at the right temperature to avoid catching cold. Don't wait any longer to visit our website to find lovely alpaca products, which you can also match thanks to our wide range of products for both women and men. Soft and warm, they will be your best allies during the cold season. 

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Alpaca wool

Indeed, the particularity of alpaca wool is that its insulating power is 7 times more resistant than sheep's wool, and its unequalled softness is close to cashmere wool. As a result, this type of wool has good temperature-regulating properties, which means that you are better protected from cold aggressions, without sweating. This wool is also very light, pleasant to wear and respects the most sensitive skins. It is the ideal wool for winter, hiking, winter sports and other sports. Alpaca has a very high resistance. This can extend the life of clothing and accessories. You will be able to keep your products in good condition for longer. Alpacas are the animals that undergo the greatest temperature changes on the same day, ranging from -25 to 30°C. In order to adapt to this situation, it has developed natural fibres with excellent temperature regulation properties. Therefore, this fibre can drain water well from the skin, which is different from sheep's wool. Alpaca will ensure that you are always warm and do not sweat. Alpaca is the only wool that does not emit any odour when wet! Alpaca wool is different from other fine wools such as cashmere and has an extremely high resistance. You can avoid having your items warped, rubbed and cleaned, and even pilling. It is 4 times stronger than sheep's wool. You can store your own things for a longer period of time. Alpacas are the animals that produce the greatest variety of natural colours for their wool. There are more than 200 shades in the world, of which 22 have been officially included. The range of colours goes from off-white to dark brown, thus avoiding artificial dyes. Unlike all other wools, alpaca wool does not contain lanolin. The latter is a sensitive allergen for many people. Therefore, it allows you to enjoy its full benefits without worry. Alpaca is a hollow fibre that measures only between 12 and 32 microns. This can make it lighter and more comfortable.

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Alpaca socks

In our collection we have developed one of the most important products of everyday life, the pair of socks. In fact, we usually notice that the places of the body where we suffer most in winter are the feet with the toes, the hands and the ears. Alpaca fibre socks can protect your feet in all situations, they can limit and absorb perspiration, thus reducing odours. All our socks are made from natural fibres such as high quality bamboo fibre and baby alpaca fibre. They are suitable for all types of activity, whether it is physical activity or cocooning at home.

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Maintenance product  

In order to keep your wool products well cared for and to extend their life, we offer a variety of suitable care products for alpaca wool, such as wool shampoo. A high quality care solution for alpaca and other delicate wools, combined with cedar extract, keratin and sulphate-free shampoo, can clean and protect the natural components of this precious fibre. The cedar extract fragrance protects your clothes and accessories from moths. Let yourself be attracted to these cleaning products that will leave your clothes smelling fresh and caring for them.

Product advantage

1. Wool has 22 different natural colours.

2. Fibre blends can produce an infinite number of colours.

3. Alpaca wool is strong and the fibre strength does not decrease with thickness, which makes it ideal for industrial processes.

4. It is three times stronger than sheep's wool and seven times warmer. It is soft and sensitive to the touch, because the cellular structure of the fibre creates a soft contact that cannot be displayed by other fibres.

5. Clothes with alpaca wool, 100% alpaca

6. Alpaca fibre fabrics are a series of fabrics with thin layers.

7. Alpaca clothing does not break, does not fringe, does not create static electricity and is easily washable.

8. The structure of alpaca wool makes it an insulator, which allows it to be used in different weather conditions.

9. Alpaca wool is not flammable, unless in direct contact with fire.

Discover our different alpaca products for men and women. And test the quality of the "baby alpaca" fibre. This wool comes from the adult animal and is between 18 and 22 microns. We are a Belgian brand, which offers you natural, comfortable and stylish clothing and accessories made of alpaca wool. Our brand finds the perfect balance between comfort, warmth, elegance and a modern and chic style, both simple and urban. We are a brand that defends strong values, linked to nature, fair trade and sustainable development.

Our brand and our actions reflect 4 essential values

- local and artisanal production

- fair trade

- respect for animals

- environmental protection

BellePaga is the story of two young Belgian friends, one of whom grew up in the beautiful landscapes and animals of Bolivia. Alpaca wool, also known as the wool of the gods, has special virtues that are rarely known on the continent, but are very precious for the most sensitive and careful among us. Therefore, they decided to jointly launch a brand of natural, comfortable and stylish alpaca wool clothing and accessories for women, men and families. It is a new brand that strikes a perfect balance between comfort, warmth and elegance. Its modern and trendy style integrates nature and the city. It is also a brand with a strong value and close links to nature, fair trade and sustainable development. What to remember: Baby alpaca wool offers maximum softness and warmth. It is internationally recognised and known as the best and most luxurious wool in the world. It has many advantages, such as strength (4 times the strength of sheep), softness, warmth (7 times warmer than sheep's wool), water resistance and hypoallergenic fibres.

Let yourself be tempted by our brand and our values, with our various products of innumerable softness, lightness and elegance for men and women.