Alpaca jumper


Are you looking for an alpaca jumper of unparalleled quality, softness, warmth, and comfort? A jumper that stays beautiful over a long time period and above all is very elegant? Look no further, BellePaga's jumpers are designed for you. They are a must-have in your closet!
An alpaca is an animal that lives at an altitude of over 4000m in the Andes Mountains in South America. It produces an exceptional fiber with many recognized natural properties, ideal for jumpers. Alpaca fiber makes jumpers much softer and is very warm.
The BellePaga alpaca jumpers are designed for the comfort, pleasure, and elegance of our customers. This is what makes our brand successful. In fact, our customers feel immediately the softness, warmth, and quality. Its contemporary and elegant style is a real pleasure to the eye. All this makes our BellePaga jumpers an essential!
Our Alpaca jumpers for men and women are made from Baby Alpaca wool from the highlands of Peru. It is an extremely soft, silky, and shiny fiber comparable to silk. It is so comfortable that alpaca wool can be worn directly on the skin.
BellePaga offers you this thanks to its large collection of high-quality jumpeers for men and women.

Ethical Alpaca Jumpers


Our jumpers are ethically designed and eco-responsible in the highest quality alpaca fibers.
BellePaga offers eco-responsible fashion items. With its actions, the company ensures that production takes place in a way that respects nature, animals, and employees.
BellePaga uses the wool from alpacas that grow in the wild, without any fences or chains. Our alpacas live in complete freedom in their natural environment in South America.
The production is in direct contact with the raw materials because the production takes place in South America. The wool used to make our ethical jumpers is not chemically treated. Alpaca wool has several natural shades that come directly from the animal's wool and that can be used for certain products (e.g. beige, brown, black,...). However, in order to obtain certain colours, producers often use mineral dyes that are even more resistant than chemical dyes and much more environmentally friendly.
BellePaga jumpers are ethical, made by craftsmen who are treated with the greatest respect and paid for the real value of their work. We ensure the safety of our employees, their working conditions, and dignified lifestyle.

Peruvian Alpaca Jumpers


Our Alpaca jumpers are made of natural fibers from an alpaca that live in their natural environment, at an altitude of more than 4000m in Peru. We carefully select the best fibre for the comfort and quality of our 100% Peruvian Alpaca jumpers.
In addition, our Peruvian Alpaca jumpers are made with the core values of the BellePaga brand, namely in a short circuit in the country of origin of the wool and with full respect for the environment, Peruvian animals and the craftspeople.
It is a stand against mass production, and a promise of responsible, ethical, social, and local production. We perpetuate the great ancestral expertise of these populations, which we share with you through our articles.

100% Alpaca jumpers

The 100% of BellePaga brand Alpaca jumpers are very high-quality thanks to the care taken in choosing the quality of the chosen Alpaca fiber and the high content of our jumpers in this material.
For many of them, it is 100% Baby Alpaca jumpers which are the softest and warmest of the fibers. For some items, a very small amount of other fibres can be added to give a more fluffy effect or to make them slightly more curved and adapted in some places. We are committed to offering you the best and most natural fibers in our 100% Alpaca jumpers, so that you can enjoy all the incredible virtues that Alpaca wool has to offer.

Baby Alpaca Men's Sweater

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Our collection of men's sweaters will meet all your expectations. Their modern and elegant style, as well as their comfort and durability, make the BellePaga jumpers a great option for men.
Our Alpaca men's jumpers can be worn with jeans or with chic city pants. They also fit perfectly with a well-tailored shirt, or with a t-shirt underneath.

Baby Alpaca Women's Jumpers


Our baby Alpaca sweaters for women are a must in your closet. They are very pleasant to the touch, so soft, in fact, that you can wear them directly on your skin. The warmth and thermoregulation of our sweaters are a great asset and will protect from the freezing cold of winter. And this, without having to wear an infinite number of layers of clothing! Our women's Alpaca jumpers are also worn on cool summer evenings, to stay elegant and warm.
Discover our collection of Alpaca women's jumpers in different models, in different colours!
Finally, the BellePaga Alpaca jumpers are easy to maintain and Alpaca wool is the only wool that never tears after washing.
Our 100% Alpaca jumpers quickly become your inseparable companions!

Alpaca Wool Jumpers


Thanks to the fantastic resistance of the alpaca fiber (4 times more resistant than sheep's wool), our Alpaca wool jumpers are extremely durable. You will notice that alpaca wool does not pill even under continuous usage, unlike the sheep's wool jumpers. Our Alpaca wool jumpers are loyal to you for many winters and will keep you warm for a long time.
Alpaca wool jumpers are the softest and warmest we have ever known. Ethical, environmentally responsible, hypoallergenic, and thermoregulating jumpers that willl meet your needs. What more can you ask for?
They are available in 3 sizes (short, medium, and long) and in more than 10 elegant colours chosen for you.

Extreme Softness


You already know some fragments from the history of alpaca wool and alpaca jumpers. What we cannot convey accurately in words, however, is the feeling of softness. You will be as surprised as we were when you will feel this exceptional wool. Alpaca's hair is naturally soft in nature, so we have selected for you the parts where the hair is most tender, from the first growth of the alpaca. In most of our clothing articles, we use this soft fiber, called Baby Alpaca. It measures only between 13 and 23 microns, which makes the most high-quality work possible.
Don't wait any longer, fall in love with one of our Alpaca wool jumpers for women or men!