warm duvet 220x240

couette alpaga chaude grande confortable fibre alpaga laine

During the winter we often tend to get cold, especially during our nights. Several situations are due to this. Such as a duvet that is not long enough or not warm enough, or a boyfriend or husband who pulls the whole duvet during the night and you find your feet in the air, or an unheated room and when you decide to get into bed, your sheets are cold. These are really not pleasant sensations when you want to get a good night's sleep.

BellePaga has the solution to all these problems with its collection of warm alpaca fibre duvets. Discover the warmth that this fibre can give you! With duvets made of alpaca fibre you will no longer experience those harsh winter nights. Our duvets are 100% natural, inside the duvet the alpaca wool has been carefully woven. This prevents you from having places with wool balls forming and having to shake your duvet. On the outside, the duvet cover is made of Pima Cotton. Pima Cotton is just as hypoallergenic as alpaca wool. This cotton retains the warmed air in contact with your body and at the same time absorbs excess moisture. You will therefore feel warm but not to the point of sweating. Our duvets are made for you if you're cold and chilly! 

Very warm duvet 500g/m2

couette alpaga chaude grande confortable fibre alpaga laine

What weight do I need to have a warm duvet?

To have a warm duvet, you need to count on a weight of about 300g/m2. However, other weights exist. Grammages from 200 to 250g/m2, which are more for the summer. Some warm duvets can reach 500g/m2. For a winter model, the weight starts at 270g/m2.

At BellePaga, the density of our duvets is adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of Western Europe. Our duvets have a grammage of 450g/m2, which will keep you warm in winter, but will not make you sweat in the summer season, as alpaca fibre has thermo-regulating properties, which means that you will not perspire. Our natural Alpaca duvets are uniquely comfortable. We also use Pima cotton to make our duvets, this cotton is very rare, it represents only 3% of the world production. At BellePaga we place great importance on the comfort of our customers and their buying experience. With our duvets you are sure to have an exceptional experience thanks to our natural wool. Our warm duvets are sure to give you a dream night's sleep!

Warm duvet 220x240 

couette alpaga chaude grande confortable fibre alpaga laine
For those who are looking for duvets that are warm, durable and comfortable at the same time, BellePaga makes sure you feel happy and comfortable with its warm duvets in various sizes. Our blankets are like our clothes, they keep you warm but are very light. In addition to being warm, they are perfect for winter, mid-season and summer because thanks to the Alpaca wool, which has thermo-regulating power, it keeps you warm but not so hot that you sweat. Some advantages of the warm duvets 220x240, to convince you to invest in a warm, natural and quality duvet. Our duvets offer an incredible experience, thanks to their puffy appearance, our blankets do not settle with time or washing. What's more, your Alpaca duvets last much longer than a synthetic duvet.

Indeed, Alpaca fibre duvets retain their swelling aspect as well as their thermo-regulating properties. If you are looking for exceptional duvets of this type, which offer you comfort for many years to come, then Alpaca fibre duvets have been designed for you! We believe that a quality duvet like ours can last more than 10 years. Finally, the thermoregulation of alpaca fibre is known for this virtue because alpaca not only protects itself from cold and humidity, but also from high temperatures, it has adapted to its changes in weather variations and has developed a very resistant fibre. This is why alpaca wool is known for its thermoregulation. You perspire much less in a duvet such as this one, which can also be an advantage for people prone to night-time sweating problems. At the same time, the natural alpaca fibre duvet offers superior warmth to the synthetic duvet.

We would like to point out that our duvets are made with the well-being of Alpacas in mind. Indeed, our articles are produced in specialised regions, by local producers who work with respect for their animals and their well-being. The alpaca fibre we use is of unconditional quality and comes from farms where the animals are free and in their natural habitat, in the Andes Cordillera. You have a choice for your size so don't hesitate any longer and opt for a new sleep. Our duvets are sure to give you a dream night's sleep!

Winter duvet

couette alpaga chaude grande confortable fibre alpaga laine

Our duvets are 100% natural, they are comfortable, breathable, light and thermo-regulating. Indeed, during the night our body temperature varies according to several factors, that's why it is preferable to have a duvet made of breathable material that fits perfectly and adapts to the body temperature without making you sweat. What is the point of investing in a warm and light duvet? Alpaca duvets have more filling than any other classic duvet, such as better heat retention. In this way, you can have a duvet adapted to the seasons and save energy thanks to a heat source other than your radiator. Moreover, it has been proven that sleeping with heating is very bad, too much heating can have the opposite effect to what you are looking for, it can cause you a sore throat, headache or a blocked nose. Rather than making you sick with your heating too high, you can warm yourself up under your winter duvets. Our duvets are 10 times more resistant than any other blanket. They have many qualities such as the power of thermoregulation, which is imperative for a duvet.

Duvets plus plaids = perfect combo !

couette alpaga chaude grande confortable fibre alpaga laine

At BellePaga, we are passionate about the world of hygge, which is why we offer you different styles of decoration with our plaids or plush toys to decorate your home in the hygge trend. But what is Hygge really all about? This term refers to a feeling of happiness, well-being, a positive spirit awakened by a soothing, soft and friendly moment. This trend consists of taking your time to actually chill at home after a long day or week at work. This phenomenon for the Danes is a real art of living. The trend also includes a cocooning and warm decoration. At BellePaga, we are inspired by this trend with a cocooning decoration thanks to our plaids and duvets. You can draw inspiration from some of our publications to accommodate this trend. Our duvets plus our plaids are guaranteed hygge-inspired and finally, no more shivering in bed at night. In addition to having a trendy decoration, you will also feel warm in your bed!

The nights can be cold and this is a concern that often annoys us as soon as winter approaches. So for those who are sensitive to the cold, we have developed our collection of warm Alpaca fibre duvets. This natural and eco-friendly fibre is perfect for those who feel cold or chilly in the winter or for comfortable evenings in your bed in front of a good movie. Thanks to our Alpaca duvets, you will get a good night's sleep. You will be snugly wrapped in your duvet and in addition to providing warmth, they will bring you comfort due to their softness and lightness. You can also take advantage of our care products to maintain your duvets and keep them in good condition. The warm duvets in 220x240 are very well suited for all basic bed types. The alpaca is the animal that comes from the Andes Cordillera, this chain crosses the South of America. The alpaca has a natural fibre. It is even considered the "wool of the gods". Alpaca wool is known for its many virtues such as its softness, lightness and lustrous qualities. Alpaca wicks moisture away from the body and offers real comfort on our skin. This wool is also perfect for people with sensitive skin. Dare luxury for your bed with our collection of duvets and plaids for dreamy nights!

Don't wait any longer to adopt our Alpaca duvets, available in several sizes, you will find the ones that suit you best for your beds!

Discover also our plaids in different colours to start you in a hygienic decoration at home, you will be in the top of the 2021 trends, so don't wait any longer!