Alpaca Scarf


Are you looking for a quality scarf made of Alpaca wool, soft, very warm, comfortable, which remains beautiful over time, and above all very elegant? Look no further, BellePaga scarves are made for you. They will become an essential part of your wardrobe!

The Alpaca is an animal living at more than 4000m of altitude in the Andes Mountains in South America. It produces an exceptional fiber with many recognized natural virtues, ideal for the creation of scarves.
BellePaga's Alpaca wool scarves have been designed to meet the needs of our customers for comfort, pleasure and elegance. Indeed, our Alpaca wool scarves for women and men are of a rare quality. Made from 100% Baby Alpaca wool, which is an extremely silky fiber and is finer, softer, warmer and lighter than Alpaca fiber, for that matter.

Our Baby Alpaca scarves for women and men are made in Peru, near where the Alpacas live in their natural environment. They are designed in an ethical and eco-responsible way in a natural fiber that is ideally suited for the creation of scarves. Indeed, this fiber does not retain moisture, is hypoallergenic and hardly pills, unlike other wools.

Alpaca Scarf Peru

peru ambachtsluiOur Alpaca scarves are made from a natural fiber from Alpacas that live in their natural environment, in the Andes Mountains in Peru, at more than 4000m of altitude. We select with the greatest care the best fiber in the creation of our articles, so that you can enjoy them.

Moreover, our scarves as well as all our alpaca wool articles are made in the respect of the central values of the BellePaga brand, that is to say in short circuit, in the country of origin of the wool (in Peru), in the respect of the traditions, the environment, the animals and the craftsmen remunerated with the fair value of their work.

This is not mass production, but responsible, ethical, social and local production, through which we perpetuate the ancestral know-how of these populations.

Baby Alpaca Scarf woman

                                                           echarpe_violetOur baby Alpaca scarves for women are a must in your dressing room. Travel in the softness and warmth of the Andes thanks to the comfort they provide.

The material used for their creation is also one of the most virtuous, its most incredible property being thermoregulation. Indeed, in its natural environment, the Alpaca must adapt to important temperature variations during the same day, variations to which its fiber must also adapt.

Finally, Alpaca wool scarves are easy to care for and Alpaca wool is the only wool that hardly ever pills! Our Alpaca scarves for women will quickly become your favourite winter companions!

100% Baby Alpaca Scarf

alpaca vezelThe BellePaga's alpaca scarves are of very high quality thanks to the particular attention we pay to the choice of our fiber. Indeed, in our articles we privilege the fiber "baby Alpaca", softer, more prestigious and finer than the simple fiber of Alpaca.

The great majority of our Alpaca scarves are made from Baby Alpaca fiber. It is a fiber that represents only 10% of the production and is taken from the first shearing of the animal, young or adult.

Baby Alpaca Scarf Men                                                           echarpe Homme bleu fonce

In our collection of men's scarves, you will find a wide choice of styles and colours. Their modern and elegant style, as well as their comfort and quality make the difference.

Our Alpaca wool men's scarves can be worn on a jacket, a sweater, a suit, a shirt or even a t-shirt.

They bring you a touch of elegance, and will be, once again, THE detail that makes the difference.

Softness, comfort, warmth

comfortabele sjaal
Each of our Alpaca wool scarves will make you enjoy the natural virtues of the fiber of this exceptional animal. Its unequalled softness, its thermal power (7 times warmer than sheep's wool) and its thermo-regulating power ensure you a unique comfort.

You can wear our scarves during the coldest of winters, as well as during the coolest evenings of autumn and spring.

Finally, the Alpaca wool allows these scarves to easily wick away the moisture produced by your body, keeping you dry and perspiring.

High quality and finishes

echarpe en laine rouge.jpg

All items offered by BellePaga are made or finished by hand.

This is reflected in their comfort and the quality of their finish and allows our Alpaca scarves to remain in their original state longer than if they were made from any other material.

Finally, Alpaca offers a very wide range of natural colours and most of our scarves do not require any dyeing. This way, you can keep the original colour of your Alpaca wool scarf without fear of it fading.

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