Alpaca scarf

Softness, Comfort, and Warmth

BellePaga woolen scarves for women and men are sumptuous. Indeed, these scarves are made of 100% Baby Alpaca wool, which is an extremely silky fibre, and finer and lighter than that of normal Alpaca.

Each of our wool scarves will allow you to benefit from all the natural and extraordinary virtues of Baby Alpaca fibre, including its unequalled softness, its thermal power (7 times warmer than sheep's wool) and its thermo-regulating power that will ensure you always keep your neck and neck at the right temperature.

You will be able to wear these woollen scarves during the cold winter months to keep warm, as well as during outings with a cooler air base in autumn and spring.

Finally, Alpaca wool allows these scarves to easily wick away the moisture produced by your body, keeping your neck dry.

Elegant designs

You will find a very wide range of BellePaga alpaca wool scarves with a collection for women and men.

The designers with whom BellePaga collaborates, are Belgian, and have thought and created them in order to bring you an elegance without equal.
They will perfectly match your different styles of clothing, and will bring you a lot of elegance.

We offer hand-knitted alpaca wool scarves with different types of designs, in circular or open patterns. We also offer classic and plain woven wool scarves, double-sided two-coloured, or with tartan patterns, checks etc.

Their production is carried out by craftsmen in Peru and Bolivia, who have a great ancestral know-how in the transformation of Alpaca wool. All our scarves are made entirely by hand, or finished by hand, for a perfect finish.

They are therefore unique, will suit everyone, and thanks to the large choice of colours will match your clothes.

High quality and finish

These woolen scarves are very suitable for winter and mid-season. Each scarf in our collection is of high quality and has a perfect finish.

The high quality of the BellePaga wool scarves will keep them in perfect condition for many years.

Thanks to the extraordinary strength of the Alpaca fibre (4 times stronger than sheep's wool), our scarves will keep their original condition for a very long time.

Moreover, Alpaca fibre does not pilling, unlike sheep's wool. Men's beards generally make the usual scarves pilling up very quickly. This characteristic of resistance is therefore extremely appreciated by those who wear them.

You will be able to keep them for years without them moving in appearance.

Finally, Alpaca offers a very wide range of natural colours and most of our scarves do not need any dyeing, which makes it easier to keep their original colour when washed.

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