Wool vest

pelote de laine blanc marron

As soon as winter arrives, we all have the reflex to take our wool out of the closet, our big vests to face the cold. In general, these wool vests that keep warm as we think, are made of sheep's wool, available in many ready-to-wear stores. But it is important to know that it is not because the vest looks thick, that it is really warmer than another. Indeed, wool does not make heat; wool is a very good insulator where its fiber is very wavy. When it is spun, then knitted or woven, it is full of small air pockets. It is these pockets that make the insulation and allows the body to keep its temperature and not to sweat excessively. She will then protect us from hot and cold!
In addition, wool is biodegradable because it can be composted when it is no longer used.
It will also, by its molecular structure, neutralize harmful substances such as formaldehyde.
In the manner of certain plants, wool thus makes it possible to purify the air.

Shearing the sheep's back is necessary and essential for the animal's well-being. The sheep is also raised in the great outdoors!

It is an ecological fiber by nature. In addition, wool vests have good virtues for health, because it has been proven that wool is one of the weakest generators of static electricity, and studies have shown that our heart rate is more regular in contact with wool than in contact with synthetic fibers.
These effects are due to the keratin, which is a protein in our nails and hair, which is why we tolerate wool so well.

But is sheep's wool really of good quality?

During the manufacturing process, which is the final stage of the product, the wool of the sheep is transformed and modified several times. Indeed, often mixed with so-called chemical and synthetic materials, it is likely to be quickly flammable. This modification of the natural material makes the wool unpleasant because it contains lanolin and can cause allergies or a tingling sensation for sensitive skin. The maintenance of a sheep's wool vest is more delicate because it will resist less to the numerous washes and drying that it undergoes a lifetime, than other materials such as alpaca. Indeed, sheep's wool can deform in the wash and shrink or enlarge the vest. It is also not recommended to iron wool ...

While conversely, alpaca fiber is 4 times more resistant than sheep wool and has a longer life than clothing. It has developed a thermal insulating power 7 times higher than sheep wool and does not emit any odor when wet. It is also the only wool that does not pilling despite washing.

The alpaca wool vests

Alpaga blanc laine

Often confused with the llama, the alpaca differs in size and is native to South America. Indeed, the alpaca is found in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. It lives in the mountains especially in the Andes Cordillera, a rather desert place in altitude where the climate can vary between very cold temperatures, but can also reach strong heat. Thanks to their hair and coats, they adapt to any type of environment and are accustomed to changes in climate, which creates the unique warmth of alpaca wool.

What about its manufacture?

Alpaca wool is the finest wool that exists, it measures about 16 to 25 micrometers in diameter unlike sheep wool which is thicker with a diameter ranging from 20 to 80 micrometers. So, if you want to feel light and warm throughout the seasons, you will find your happiness at BellePaga. BellePaga, the Brussels based brand of baby alpaca wool clothing and accessories, has chosen to use baby alpaca which will provide exceptional softness and comfort. Baby alpaca is a fiber of the alpaca's hair and not the shearing of the alpaca's little ones. It is a very fine fiber that represents the softest part of the alpaca's hair.
Baby alpaca wool vests are therefore silkier and softer than other wool vests that we can find at low prices. Moreover, baby alpaca wool vests are 7 times warmer than sheep wool. This natural fiber is also very resistant, thermoregulating and hypoallergenic, that's why it is called "the wool of the gods" by the Incas.

The alpaca wool vest from BellePaga


At Bellepaga, you will find our trendy Alpaca wool vests for women, available in two colors such as light beige and navy blue. They will delight even the coldest ones because they are easy to wear, light and soft. You will forget the low temperatures outside!

BellePaga has strong values that put human, nature and morals at the center of its concerns. Indeed, the baby alpaca wool vests are made by local producers in Peru, who have a great traditional know-how. The artisanal breeders of Peru and Bolivia ensure that the alpaca is raised and can evolve freely in their natural habitat, which is the Andes Cordillera, at over 4000 meters above sea level. The alpacas live without any enclot or barrier. The fiber comes from their spring shearing which is done only once a year.
And unlike many wools, alpaca shearing produces up to 3 kg of wool, compared to 150 g on average for sheep. This is what allows us to make more products for your comfort and well-being, while respecting our fetish animal, our beautiful alpaca.

In addition to respecting the animal to provide you with high quality wool vests, BellePaga is a committed brand because it ensures that the environment is not impacted. And the alpaca has a good influence on it! Alpaca fiber requires no chemical treatment, bleaching or dyeing. Alpaca does not pull the root out of the grass when it grazes, it just cuts it. Also, alpaca has small pads, which allow the preservation of the soil and its environment,

What's more, the wool vests you'll buy at BellePaga come in environmentally friendly packaging! Each year, the brand is committed to donating 5% of its profits to support an association that protects the environment.

This wonderful natural fiber found in baby alpaca wool vests makes wool vests accessible. There are different variations of elegant clothing and accessories. You can find the flagship accessory of the brand: the pairs of socks. Various models of socks will correspond to you because they are for some colored with patterns, and for others plain and simple. If you are not a fan of wool vests, we have for you the sweaters just as warm and comfortable!

Don't wait any longer, visit our website www.bellepaga.com, and find the ideal pieces to fight the cold!