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alpaca socks man

Socks are an essential piece of clothing which we wear day in, day out. For the winter, you are certainly looking for men’s warm socks and tend to buy ordinary wool socks. But did you know that there is an even better wool from Peruvian alpacas, which is 7x warmer than sheep’s wool? Alpacas are animals that live in South America at high altitude in their natural habitat. Their fibres are as soft as cashmere but without its disadvantages. As your comfort and satisfaction are BellePaga’s main concerns, we decided to use the prestigious alpaca wool for our men’s warm socks. They keep your feet warm the whole day without sweating and are not only soft but also comfortable.

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alpaca socks man

No more cold and sweaty feet in winter; this will be a long-forgotten problem, you do not have to worry about anymore. Alpaca wool is a natural fibre that keeps your feet warm whether you are indoors or outdoors. Our men’s warm socks are nevertheless thin, because of their thermoregulating characteristic. This means that your feet will always stay at the right temperature without getting too hot or starting to sweat. Moreover, it is as soft as cashmere und very pleasant to wear as it does not scratch, unlike other wools. Alpaca wool can be worn directly on your skin and is perfectly suitable even for the most sensitive people among us. Even better, alpaca wool is the only one who does not pill. Annoying lint will be a thing of the past and your clothes and accessories made of this versatile fibre will be in mint condition for a very long time. Hence, it is the perfect material for textiles such as socks, which we wear daily, and which are subjected to severe tests in our everyday life. Last but not least, our men’s warm socks have an imperceptible seam to make them perfect. They give you the impression of walking on a cloud of softness and comfort and you will not want to take them off in the evening.

Warm socks man nature and discovery

alpaca socks man

BellePaga’s collection of socks offers a wide range of different colours and patterns. From more classic and sober socks in black or grey to more eye-catching and colourful models with little alpacas, there is something for every style and every taste on our website. Your satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we only choose the best materials for our products to ensure a high quality. Our men’s warm socks are made from Peruvian alpaca wool, also called “the wool of the gods”, and are produced directly on site. We work closely together with artisans from the country of origin, who have a lot of know-how which is passed from generation to generation. Each pair of socks is finished and checked by hand to make sure we can offer you an outstanding quality. We also visit the place of production once a year to assure ourselves that everything runs smoothly. The protection of the animal and the environment as well as the fair payment of the workers are some of BellePaga’s core values. You can easily wash our men’s warm socks in the machine at 30°, and they will remain in their original condition, even after several washes. BellePaga also offers different maintenance products, for example, a soap and a shampoo, to make washing easier for you.

All-rounder : 4 seasons socks

alpaca socks man

If you are looking for the all-rounder among socks, alpaca wool is the right choice. You can wear the men’s warm socks from BellePaga in summer as well as in winter, in your free time as well as at work. The icing on the cake: They are even suitable for sports enthusiasts such as hikers or skiers. The socks absorb some of the shocks that you are likely to encounter when you do sport. Cotton, in contrast to alpaca wool, humidifies more easily and hence does not protect your feet anymore. Another advantage of “the wool of the gods” is the fact that it has antibacterial properties. This is perfect for hikers who are on the move for several days as the socks do not necessarily need to be washed after each use. Winter lovers also get their money’s worth, as the socks keep your feet warm when you ski, ice-skate or toboggan with your loved ones. As we explained earlier, alpaca wool retains warmth much better than conventional wool and is therefore 7x warmer than sheep’s wool. Our men’s warm socks are for sure an excellent investment that accompany you the whole year round.

Socks for cold feet

alpaca socks man

More and more people seem to have the problem of cold feet. It is most of the time nothing you have to worry about, but it can be very uncomfortable and difficult to get rid of. The most common reasons are connected to blood circulation. One phenomenon is, for example, a decrease in blood flow. When it is very cold, the body focuses on our vital organs. Therefore, blood circulation in extremities such as our feet or hands decreases. This decrease in the blood vessels is synonymous with cooling.

Other reasons for having cold feet can be a lack of vitamins or exercise. However, you can always consult your doctor if you have any doubt. Besides homemade remedies and sport, alpaca wool is another effective solution to keep your feet warm. The thermoregulating properties of our men’s warm socks offer an incomparable warmth. Hence, you do not need to wear thick socks anymore, which are often uncomfortable. Some of BellePaga’s socks are even made of baby alpaca wool.

Baby alpaca is not the hair of the child but part of the adult alpaca’s hair. In fact, alpacas have different hair parts and each one has unique qualities. They are measured in microns and the smaller the size of the fibre, the softer and finer the hair is. Baby alpaca is one the softest fibres, which brings a lot of warmth and comfort to your cold feet.

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