Cold Feet WInter



Once in bed, do you realize that your feet are always as cold as they were in your sneakers during the day? Having cold feet in winter is a real problem, and becomes even more unbearable for some people. You have tried all the methods, but nothing works? Don't worry anymore, thanks to this article, you will learn more about the problem of cold feet in winter.

The causes

Having cold feet in winter is a common problem and has never been fun. The feet, like the hands, are the parts of our body most likely to be affected by the cold. Indeed, being the extremities of our body, they are sensitive areas that are permanently exposed to the cold. However, having cold feet in winter is mostly due to poor circulation. When our feet are cold, we feel a tingling sensation or numbness. Cold feet can even occur when the air is not cold. If you also experience this phenomenon in hot weather, then it is Reynaud's syndrome. This is a chronic blood circulation disorder. It manifests itself by a sudden change in the colour of your toes to blue or white, by a hardening of the skin, but also by the formation of wounds on your feet. This poor circulation is also caused by many diseases, such as diabetes, anaemia, heart problems or thyroid problems. Your less active lifestyle can also sometimes cause poor circulation. For example, if you sit still at your desk, on the couch or in a chair during the day, you may cut off the circulation of your blood and your extremities may feel cold.

The solutions


Because of the cold, the most sensitive parts of our body are affected, such as the feet, hands and earlobes, which are not very well vascularised and can very quickly freeze.

There are several remedies for these problems. Firstly, make sure you have a large blanket so that you can cover yourself in the cold. Plaid is much lighter and thinner than a blanket, but still soft and warm. In addition to being able to wrap yourself up in it, plaid is a decorative accessory. Socks are also very important because it is thanks to this piece of fabric that your feet can maintain their warmth, choose socks that isolate your feet and absorb perspiration - ban synthetic socks but favour natural materials (cotton, wool, silk) or socks adapted for sport. When you sleep, it's better not to use them. You can use a warmer duvet and if you still feel that your foot is cold, use a plaid over your duvet in the area where you feel the coldest, this extra layer should do the trick. Don't sleep with a heater on - it's very bad.

To keep warm during this winter and not have cold feet, it is necessary to eat properly, eat good food. In addition, you should drink hot beverages to spread the heat and stay hydrated during this period.

Give your feet a good bath. Immerse them in water at a temperature equal to your body heat, i.e. 37°C, never hot because you will feel it. Don't stay in the bath for too long - 10 minutes is long enough! You can also add a few drops of essential oil of thyme, which will accelerate your body's blood circulation and warm you up at the same time. Don't forget to take out your wonderful socks and slippers, the perfect combo that will be of great use to you all winter long. You can even apply an anti-cold cream to your feet, massaging your feet before you go out and put on your shoes. 

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