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is one of the most important parts of our day yet it is often ignored, especially in the lives of busy people. Most experts recommend between 7- 9 hours of sleep every night, that is around ⅓ of the entire day.

In order to get a good rest we must have the proper tools. A good mattress, pillows and the most important, the best duvet. Here at Bellepaga we have the best duvet on the market which has a great number of amazing properties.

Alpaca wool

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Alpaca wool has many exceptional qualities which make it an ideal material for making duvets. First of all, it is incredibly soft and comfortable, it was even called the ‘wool of the gods’ by the Incas and was reserved for the emperor. Even those with sensitive skin will be able to use the duvets as it is not scratchy like traditional wool. The wool is also thermoregulating, keeping you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. It is also 7 times warmer than sheep’s wool.

The alpaca wool is also very durable, up to 4 times more resistant than sheep’s wool. It can be used many times without losing its softness and it will not rip, tear or pill. The wool also does not contain lanolin, which is a natural chemical found in sheep’s wool that many people are allergic to. Lastly the wool is moisture wicking which is especially helpful if you want to avoid sweating at night. Indeed the material will expel excess moisture, creating a sweat free, odourless environment for you to enjoy.

Pima Cotton                      

While alpaca wool is amazing it is not the only all natural material found in our duvets. We also use Pima Cotton or otherwise known as South American Silk. Pima Cotton is an incredibly lightweight, soft and rare type of cotton, it adds a softness that can only be match by the softness of alpaca wool. 

We use pure Pima cotton which is anti-allergic due to the fact that it does not tolerate any chemical treatment. It is therefore necessary to use only natural pesticides and harvested without chemical treatment. It is also very absorbent and insulating, the pima cotton fibre can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water, which allows your skin to breathe well.

The Right Fit

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At Bellepaga we have a variety of sizes to choose from to ensure you have the best fitting duvet for your sleeping situation. We have sizes as small as 140x210cm to as large as 260x225cm. Check out our blog post article on choosing the right duvet for you for a practical guide.

The duvet can be washed like a regular duvet but on the wool or soft program to ensure the best results. The duvet is very resistant thanks to its strong natural materials so you can use it every night without fear of damaging. As both materials are odour combatting you can also wash less frequently and still maintain a clean duvet.

Bellepaga Values

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Bellepaga is a brand which puts its values of sustainability and fair trade at its forefront. This is why we start with the alpaca, an animal with a very low ecological impact. This is because our alpacas are in their natural habitat in the mountains instead of pastures like sheep which are ecologically very damaging. The alpaca also does not need very much water and will simply graze on grass instead of uprooting it.

We also work very closely with out breeders and farmers to make sure that the alpacas are receiving gentle and humane treatment. We also work with our craftsmen to ensure that the working environment is ethical. All parties are paid fair wages and their communities are also well looked after.

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