Ladies Hat and Scarf Set

Winter time is just around the corner which means snow, the holidays and a time to break out our winter wardrobe. This year why not try a coordinated hat and scarf set to look put together with ease. A hat and scarf set is an easy way to look chic and fashionable while still being warm and comfy.

Hat and Scarf set

A good hat and scarf are essential to have a warm and comfortable winter. However this can be difficult for a variety of reasons, you want a hat that is breathable so your scalp does not get dry. For the scarf, the material has to be soft since the skin around your neck is sensitive. Since we have different criteria for hats and scarves, it can be hard to find a set that does it all.

Here at Bellepaga, we have found the solution to your winter wear problems. Our products are made with the fantastic alpaca wool and hand finished by Peruvian craftsmen with their unique know-how.

Alpaca Wool                                             

Alpaca wool is an amazing all natural material that is perfect for winter wear. The wool is 7 times warmer and 4 times more durable than sheep’s wool. The alpaca is an animal which faces harsh weather conditions and it has evolved to have very warm wool. So it is sure to keep you warm in the winter snow. The alpaca wool is also thermoregulating and moisture wicking so you will not have to worry about getting sweaty.

The wool is also naturally coloured and no chemical dye is necessary. This is not only better for the environment but will also last much longer without fading. Alpaca wool is also the only wool that does not pill so you can feel comfortable using Bellepaga products everyday.

Bellepaga Values

Bellepaga is committed to sustainability and fair business practices, that’s why we work with local communities to bring you the best quality of products. Firstly, the alpaca is an animal with a natural low carbon footprint. They do not require large pastures and all of our alpacas are free roaming in their natural habitat. The clip the grass instead of uprooting unlike goats do so alpacas are much nicer to their environment.

We work closely with our breeders, farmers and craftsmen to ensure that everyone is being paid the fair wage for their work. The Peruvian craftsmen use their special know-how to deliver perfectly finished products. We are there every step of the production process to ensure that each product is sustainably and ethically produced.

Perfect Gift Idea                                      

Winter times also means the stress of the holidays but do not worry! The holidays do not have to be stressful and time consuming! The Bellepaga hat and scarf set is a great way to treat a loved one to the perfect gift and keep them warm all winter. You can even buy a set for yourself, after all you do work hard every day! Either way there are a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes to choose from so you can select the pair that suits you the best!

* BellePaga care tips:
In order to best care for your women's hat and scarf set, here are a few tips.
This mysterious alpaca wool has a fiber 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool. This wool of the gods can be kept in its original state for several years if it is well maintained.
Concerning the washing, choose a good, soft and delicate shampoo and use as little detergent as possible. We invite you to take a look at our different types of natural care products specially designed for washing alpaca wool or any other delicate wool.
We also recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with warm water (between 10 and 20 degrees) and a mild shampoo. The water temperature is essential because washing at too high a temperature could felted your alpaca wool item.
A hand wash is the best possible wash to keep the best quality of your hat and scarf. Just let warm water run during the washing and rinsing time, and do not wring out or twist the item after washing: simply press gently to remove excess water build-up.
Concerning drying, alpaca wool products (hat, scarf and others), cannot go to the dryer! Place your item on a clean towel so that it absorbs water and dries faster. Also, dry your alpaca wool product in a flat, air-dry position to avoid stretching the fibers.
Regarding ironing, alpaca wool clothing has the advantage of not wrinkling. However, if you wish to iron your product, return the garment! Put a cloth between the iron (at low temperature and without steam) and the garment in order not to damage it. Your alpaca wool garment will then have a smooth effect without being damaged.

Small reminder BellePaga :
Alpaca wool items such as hats or scarves do not retain bad odors or dust. You can wash them only at the end of the season.
Don't panic! Alpaca fiber can color the water during the first washings because it is dyed. Small recommendation: wash your items separately or with identical colored items!

The BellePaga tip: in order to keep the fibers of your alpaca wool garment as new as possible for as long as possible, put your knitwear in the refrigerator for 48 hours. The cold allows the fibers to tighten and be more resistant. Fiber breaks and pilling will not be possible if the fibers of your garment are perfectly preserved!

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