Women's Scarves

Our women's scarves are elegant and made from an ideal blend of Baby Alpaca and silk.
A practical, feminine and very soft piece with an elegant and elegant style. Ideal for summer winds or cold winter evenings.

Alpaca fibre can be divided into two groups: Alpaca fibre and Baby Alpaca fibre. Baby Alpaca wool is finer (about 22.5 microns versus 29 microns). It does not necessarily come from young Alpacas, it is called so because it comes from the first shearing of an Alpaca, the coat is finer at that time. Baby Alpaca is a shiny, extremely soft fibre. It is so comfortable that it can be worn next to the skin. Baby Alpaca is considered to be one of the softest and most prestigious natural fibres in the world. Baby Alpaca is therefore a luxury fibre, selected for you in most of the items in our shop to enjoy.

Alpaca wool has 7 times the insulating power of sheep's wool, and its softness is close to cashmere. Alpaca wool protects you from the cold, with softness, without ever making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. In addition, its high thermal insulating capacity makes it possible to make lighter garments that are more pleasant to wear, while providing perfect protection from the cold. Alpaca wool is very elastic, making our garments and accessories particularly comfortable, as it adapts perfectly to the shape of your body.
Our Alpaca scarves have a long life span because the fibre itself is very strong and does not pill. You will be able to keep them in good condition for a longer time.

These are top-of-the-range Alpaca scarves that will accompany and protect you for a long time. Made of fine Baby Alpaca wool, they are very light despite their large size and of course always soft. Flowing and sensual, this is timeless chic. Warm and delicate, these colourful scarves are made of precious Alpaca wool.
Large, breezy scarves, warm but light, you can also wear them as a maxi scarves. They are a classic must-have. They fit all styles. Striped scarves, sober and distinguished, or colorful scarves, unique and cheerful, everyone will find the scarf that best matches their outfit. They are perfect in all circumstances, on a jumper, on a dress, with a coat or a jacket. These baby Alpaca scarves for women are really nice around your neck.

Wrap yourself in one of our sumptuous Alpaca scarves. Ideal for summer breezes or cold winter evenings, these pieces are practical, feminine and very soft while maintaining an elegant and graceful style. Our women's Alpaca scarves will add an elegant touch to your everyday look, they can be worn in many different ways, let your imagination run wild and be creative!

A beautiful large piece to wrap around you and make you stand out.
These large women's scarves can be worn both on your shoulders and around your neck. A must-have accessory for winter and summer evenings!

The thick scarf will help you to get through the winter in a soft way. Different patterns and colours for a scarf that combines warmth and elegance. The thick scarf embellishes all your outfits with originality and chic in all circumstances.
The light scarf for women can be worn on your shoulders, by the fireplace or outside. Very pleasant to the touch, warm and light at the same time, it is the little touch of charm that you are missing.